This page is a work in progress and will be updated soon.

On this page you will find hosting information for our  McMaster `All Things’ Dinner Fellowship.  If you want to look at open dates when you and your small group can come and host us. Please look at the second page down on the left “McMaster Ministry Calendar 2017-18.” You will need to scroll down and look at the various Thursday night “All Things” notices and see if we have hosts for that night. Every Thursday night when we are having an “All Things” is marked in separately in the calendar. If it says “Hosts?” we do not have one and are still looking. If we have one it is marked in. You can also just call or e-mail me and I will tell you.


Dear Friends

Thank you for your interest in our “`All Things” Student Dinner Fellowship.’  Let me address some of the questions that have come up.

This semester (fall 2017) we are meeting  in the Student Centre in room 230 (Second Floor) every Thursday night of the academic year (except during exams).

You need to come in the Sterling Street entrance on to campus. Turn to the right at the first intersection and park in the first parking lot that is on your left. It is right in front of two buildings. The building on the left is Mills Library and the building on the right is the Student Centre. We will have students in front of the Student Centre on the look out for you, So if you see a group of 4-5 students looking expectantly toward the parking lot that is probably us. Just wave to them and they will come over to you.

We begin “All Things” at 5:30 sharp and end promptly at 6:45 so our students can make their night classes. We ask that you arrive with the food around  If you arrived early or have a cell phone and want to give us a heads up that you are coming. Please call 905-525-9140 ext 24207 and let us know and we will rush down to help you.

Sometimes we had more, some times less, this year  (Fall 2012) we are averaging around 30 students attending “All Things” each week.

We supply all the utensils, plates, bowels, cups, etc … . We also have hotplates to keep the food warm when it arrives and crock pots for you to borrow in advance if you would like.  Just call me and I will drop one or two off to you.

Our “All Things” speakers are great and all our wonderful hosts are welcome to join us, hear our speakers and participate in the discussion.

We encourage our hosts to come and join us, but if you cannot, I will be happy to come and pick up the food from any location you identify.

The students will appreciate any meal you would like to provide. One thing I should say is that deserts are always much appreciated.

I supply the drinks/juice so you don’t have to bring drinks. The students will do all the clean-up, wash the dishes etc … .

Once again thank you very much for you interest.

If you have any questions please contact me at or  905-525-9140  ext 24123

Thank you.  Michael