Preamble and Purposes @ Mac & Mohawk


One of the expressed purposes of the Christian Reformed congregations that make up Classis Hamilton is to partner together in shared ministry. Classis has agreed to “decide upon and oversee purposeful ministries that reach out to our local communities and region with the love of God. We will prayerfully seek, establish, and maintain these shared ministries as a Classis and, where appropriate, partner in the leadership and financial needs of these ministries.” The McMaster University & Mohawk College CR Campus Ministry is one such shared ministry of Classis Hamilton.

Mission @ Mac & Mohawk

The mission of the McMaster University & Mohawk College Christian Reformed Campus Ministry is to bear witness to the love and Lordship of Jesus within the McMaster & Mohawk communities and beyond.

Stated more simply yet: Those who are involved in this Campus ministry are seeking daily to live this motto with integrity: “We are Christ@Mac  & Mohawk.”

Vision @ Mac & Mohawk

The Vision of McMaster & Mohawk’s Christian Reformed Campus Ministry is to respond obediently to the evangelism and discipleship of Christ’s Church.

  1. a) To proclaim the majesty and sovereignty, as well as the faithfulness and mercy of the Triune God.
  2. b) To minister to students holistically – to their spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical needs.
  3. c) To challenge students and faculty to become devoted followers of Jesus Christ.
  4. d) To encourage the integration of faith and learning.

Purposes@Mac & Mohawk

This Mission for CRC Campus Ministry@ McMaster & Mohawk takes on concrete shape as it lives out the following purposes.

  1. Grace – Celebrating: To celebrate Christ’s creative and renewing grace in the world of higher education.
  1. Disciple – Making: To graciously invite students, faculty and staff to enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  1. Fellowship – Fostering: To eagerly gather students, faculty and staff into a campus community that shares in the life of Jesus Christ. 
  1. Worldview – Promoting: To boldly promote the Reformed World and Life View as it reflects the biblical story thereby equipping students, faculty and staff to explore the wonders of God’s creation and serve in His world.
  1. Culture – Engaging: To persistently engage the Spirit and Mind of our culture, exposing the idols of our times, re-aligning our lives toward the coming rule of God so that we might be agents of cultural renewal and world restoration.
  1. Church – Equipping: To willingly offer the fruit of what Christ is doing through McMaster & Mohawk’s Christian Reformed Campus Ministry to the institutional church and the broader Christian Community.
  1. Leadership – Mentoring: To identify and walk with potential Christian leaders in a mentoring relationship so that they may be equipped to witness to God’s Kingdom that is here and still coming.

These purposes stated above are essentially re-statements of the Christian Reformed Churches goals for Campus Ministry. These purposes/goals are to form the primary framework for the on-going evaluation of the CRC Campus Ministry@ Mac & Mohawk and it’s Chaplain.