Mandate: To further these purposes of the CR Campus Ministry @Mac, Classis Hamilton employs and mandates a CRC Chaplain (1) to take the lead in being Christ’s witness to the non-Christian faculty, staff, and students on campus and also (2) to mobilize the Christian community on campus to take up their calling as Christ’s witnesses@Mac.


Tasks: The mandate of the chaplain shall include, but not be limited to, the following tasks and responsibilities:

1)    Be a Reformed presence on the McMaster campus by encouraging and presenting the Reformed Christian perspective on campus in speaking/teaching, events, etc … as opportunities arise.

2)    Provide pastoral care to students, faculty and administration which may involve administering diaconal ‘deed’ ministry to complement ‘Word” ministry.

3)    Host social opportunities for promotion of ministry, encouragement of participation, and to facilitate discussion within the campus community. In addition to contacting and engaging Christian Reformed students on campus.

4)    Develop Christian leadership to participate in, on and off campus ministries.

5)    Interact with other chaplains(s), faculty, and administration.

6)    Provide opportunities for worship, Bible study and small group discussions.

7)    Identity and implement specific programs in conjunction with other Christian groups on and off campus.

8)    Participate in annual evaluation of ministry and opportunities afforded for evaluation offered along all lines of accountability.